Panabiz - Okaya Solar Tubular batteries



All our solar batteries are fitted with a tubular that uses captive power for its energy source. They are used especially in stand-alone systems for storage of energy produced by solar panels and batteries as a buffer when the main power grid fails.

Key Features
  • Partial State Charge Condition - The batteries are designed to operate in partial charged conditions even in the non-sunny days.
  • Water Level - Micro porous ceramic vent plugs with water level indicators.
  • Low Maintenance - Due to the low antimony content the batteries are easier to maintain.
  • Low rate of self-discharge - Designed cycle life at C10 discharge (at 27°C,1.80 VPC ).
  • Superior Voltage - Ideal for cyclic applications due to superior voltage and energy output profile.
  • Excellent Efficiency - Excellent Ampere – hour and Watt-hour efficiency.
Okaya tubular solar battery
ST075 S
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Okaya tubular solar battery
ST100 S
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Okaya tubular solar battery
ST200 S
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